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Tetsuo 2009
May 06, 2009        Cannes Film Festival
Asmik Ace/Tsukamoto Shinya officially announce the new Tetsuo film:

July 23, 2009
Tsukamoto Shinya holds a press conference at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 announcing the details of Tetsuo: Bullet Man

September 05, 2009 66th Venice International Film Festival
TETSUO BULLET MAN international debut. The official trailer is released.

April 25, 2010.  TETSUO: THE BULLET MAN  North American Premiere at Robert Deniro`s TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL,  New York City 

 May 22,  2010. 鉄男THE BULLET MAN opens at Cinema Rise in Shibuya, Tokyo


Interview about the film.

TSUKAMTO SHINYA writes of Eric: “After deciding to shoot the film in Tokyo, I held an audition there and that’s how I found Eric. I didn’t reveal much of the plot, but he totally understood this character and came to the audition in a business suit with pale face make-up. And his acting was precise too. Moreover, he had real passion for this project. I met him a couple of times and I knew he was the one. He loves the Tetsuo films, so he could portray a calm guy and at the same time he could enjoy the process of turning into this brutal iron man. Yes he is a treasure and I hope he will break through as a result of Tetsuo the Bullet Man.”