The Green Man

by on May.15, 2009, under photography posts

Nimes_GreenManWhile in Nimes, France I was delighted to have found this Green Man on the facade of a building there, my first time to have such a meeting.  Within my MINDSCPES gallery is an image of the Green Man that I created.  This particular image I built a small set, did the make-up on the model, and shot on 6×7 film.  The image has no photoshop effects.  In keeping with the liveliness of the Green Man I used as much real leaves, vines, and ferns as I could collected from a nearby forest area.This site has a nice collection of Green Man info:

“This is what I believe, that I am I.  That my soul is a dark forest.  That my known self will never be more then a little clearing in the forest.  That gods, strange gods, come forth from the forest into the clearing of my known self, and then go back.  That I must have the courage to let them come and go.  That I will never let mankind put anything over me, but that I will try always to recognize and submit to the gods in me and the gods in other men and women.  There is my creed.”   -D.H. Lawrence

Jack in the green am I and master have I none and whilst there are trees upon this land the woods shall be my home. To the seasons kings I bow my head as they do bow to me for my faces are as many as the leaves upon a tree