Artist information

photo by Yann Stofer

Born in Pennsylvania, America.  Grew up in Canada and Singapore.  In high school developed a passion for acting which he pursued with a classic actor`s training at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts (acting).  He worked as an actor in Vancouver, BC, and was seeking to broaden his life experiences with travel.  What was originally intended as a short trip, lead Eric to his current home of Tokyo where he has lived for over 10 years. 
After arriving in Tokyo he was mesmerized by the esoteric dance form of Ankoku Butoh, to which he then studied for a period of four years from Tokyo`s prominent Butoh teachers.  Eric performed both solo and with a variety of groups at events and festivals in Japan.
His creativity spread further into new genres with a study of photography beginning 1998.  Since then he has worked for many of Tokyo`s music magazines shooting portraits of musicians, actors, dancers, and tattoo.  Throughout his time in Japan he has appeared on television hundreds of times and given voices and motion capture to major titles of the game industry.
With performance and photography he has always had a close connection to the artistic currents of cutting edge culture in Tokyo.  A long time fan of Tsukamoto Shinya, it is a great honor for Eric to have been able to have been welcomed into the Tetsuo legacy, a classic icon of Japanese cinema.
During his time off Eric explores ancient temples and places of power within Japan, and the world.


エリック ボシック   (鉄男)
1973年アメリカ・ペンシルバニア州生まれ。フォトグラファアー、俳優。カナダ、シンガポールで育ち、カナダ、ヴィクトリア大学では演技を専攻、BFA(Bachelor of Fine Arts)を取得。卒業後、俳優活動を続ける中で日本文化に興味を持ち、1996年来日。東京と横浜で暗黒舞踏を学び、舞踊グループ「アスベスト館」のメンバーに。1998年からは写真を始め、ロッキン・オン・ジャパン、ELLE Japon、ローリング・ストーン誌などの多くの日本の雑誌やミュージシャン、俳優、ダンサー、タトゥーの写真家としても活躍。2004年から2007年にはロサンジェルスにて写真と映像撮影を集中的に行い、ロックバンド のミュージックビデオの監督/撮影で作品を製作。2009年フランスで写真展を開催。現在も主に俳優としての活動を続け、その才能を長年大ファンだった塚本晋也監督に見出され、『鉄男 THE BULLET MAN』の主役に抜擢される。現在もテレビ、コマーシャル、モデル活動など様々なジャンルで精力的に活動を続けている。